Iowa Beef Company has its roots in Farley, Iowa. The company originated when Eldon J. Greenwood, a veteran returning home from WWII in the mid 1940’s, purchased a small two aisle grocery store in his hometown of Farley, Iowa.

Greenwood’s Grocery, though small by today’s measures, has survived and continues to operate among the giant retail competitors due to the fact that we provide only the finest in quality meats. Our slogan, “Home of Finer Meats,” was developed many years ago and still holds true today. Since the day Eldon first opened the store, Greenwood’s has strived to bring our customers no less than the finest quality meats.

The meat department today has the same service style meat counter that was common in stores 50 years ago. Doing it this way has allowed us to not only continue giving our customers the individual attention they deserve, but provides us with the means to give our customers the exact cut and quantity they deserve.

Eldon Greenwood retired in 1980 and his children have maintained the food business and expanded the business to include Iowa Beef Company. We have available the finest cuts of beef and pork in a variety of sizes to fulfill your family’s needs. Iowa Beef Company processes all of the meat in a fashion to help protect the flavor that nature and careful raising helped produce.

With the advent of the Internet, we have the opportunity to extend our tradition of providing “finer meats” to the world. Through our Iowa Beef.Com web site we would like to invite you to our “Home of Finer Meats,” where the tradition of providing the customer with fine quality meats lives on!

Thank you so much for coming, we're almost ready to bring you the finest cuts from the heartland but we just have to figure out a few things first. Feel free to give us your email and you'll be the first to know when we are ready to send out our first steaks as we have our grand re-opening.

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